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There must be no dither or delay by the Scottish Government in working with the Commission to resolve the dispute over the way the fund is administered.
There is a drawback when the dither current signals are generated as a by-product of low frequency PWM.
Without dither the output of ideal ADC has quantization error
When Dither turns to Dombey and Son, his new theme is the trope of the city as body; contemporaries debated heatedly whether that body was natural or a monstrous construct.
The unique operating characteristics of HR Series motors provide braking and the ability to eliminate servo dither when in static position.
Don't dither over minor word choices or jump up from your desk to look for a small piece of data to plug in.
The law also gives the Brazilian government the right to examine a suspect bank account, a clause that has the CNC in a dither. "We are simply trying to defend citizen rights," a CNC official said.
A superimposed dither reduces friction effects and increases the linearity of the valve, the companies said, and maximum and minimum current, ramp times, dither frequency and amplitude can be adjusted to match the application.
The chattering classes recently worked themselves into a dither when an enterprising "fashion photographer" set up a Web site offering prospective parents a chance to purchase eggs "donated" by professional "models." The photographer, Ron Harris, contended that his service was fully in keeping with contemporary mores, and that parents desirous of raising attractive children were perfectly within their rights to purchase eggs from certifiably beautiful young women.
Shortly before the motorcade made its way from the airport into town, some sheep wandered onto the highway, throwing the Secret Service and the Nigerian military into a dither. They had not worked out in advance which nation's security team was responsible for clearing ruminants from the highway.
In the context of improved SFDR, the dither technique should be mentioned.