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Finally the MWCNT-COCl was reacted with dithiooxamide in shorter time and under lower temperature than previous reported methods (Tahermansouri et al.
The multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT), thionylchloride, triethanolamine, dimethylformamide (DMF), dithiooxamide (ligand), sulphuric acid, and nitric acid were used without further purification.
Dithiooxamide functionalized multi walled carbon nanotubes (70 mg) was added to 100 mL of mercury(II) ions solution (150 mg/L).
Synthesis of dithiooxamide functionalized MWCNT as sorbent.
The size and morphology of dithiooxamide functionalized MWCNT before and after absorbing the mercury(II) ions are illustrated in (Fig.
Dithiooxamide (DTO) has similar molecular structure to thiourea (thiooxamide) molecule and it includes more sulfur (S) donor atoms.
Synthesis of Dithiooxamide Formaldehyde Copolymer Resin
02 mol) of KOH was added to ethanolic solution of dithiooxamide 1.