diversion valve

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A valve (sometimes motorized) at a junction of a pipe tee; used to change the flow from one branch to another.
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8 km of 152 mm diameter Ultra DuWall induction-hardened steel pipe, high-pressure fittings, couplings and diversion valves, and impact-resistant elbows.
The timing pump is so wired that it must stop when milk is at sublegal temperatures unless the flow diversion valve is fully in the diverted flow position.
Flow Diversion Valve Control, Custom Control Products Inc.
131~ in total length) of custom exterior concrete flood walls poured to 16 above the building~s 1st floor elevation; fabrication of various custom-sized stainless steel and aluminum flood gates/wall panels at seven (7) area locations; fabrication of four (4) custom-sized weathering steel protective roofs on columns over specific flood wall locations; modification of four (4) steel columns that support an existing steel roof entrance porch to accommodate a new 16 high flood wall; the construction of a custom-sized underground waterproofed insulated 6,000 gallon sewage holding tank designed to h20 loading standards with two (2) 30 diameter waterproof manhole covers, ladder steps and associated sewage piping and diversion valves to intercept the existing 6 diameter interior sewer line.
Heat exchangers, inline heaters and cold water diversion valves to maintain the optimal water temperature.
When it detects an abnormal process condition, the system can send signals to close isolation valves, shut down transfer pumps, or open diversion valves.
With the industrywide interest in complete system suppliers, Racor is now packaging these filtration vessels in full skid-mounted modules with pumps, cut-off valves, flow regulators, and diversion valves that will automatically switch the flow from one element to another, as well as the required plumbing for a specific installation.
The manifold (circa 200Te) will be a gravity-based structure designed to house all the pipeline headers and diversion valves and to protect them from danger caused by fishing activity.
Also ordered are PLC-based controllers that will replace electro-mechanical systems governing flow diversion valves on two HTST pasteurizer systems.