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Chiefly Brit an official detour used by traffic when a main route is closed
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in hydraulic engineering, the set of structures that draw water from a river or reservoir, transport it to a hydroelectric power plant, pumping station, or other installation (supply diversion), and also remove water from such installations (drainage diversion).

Two types of diversion are distinguished: nonpressured (canals, nonpressured tunnels, and chutes) and pressured (pipelines or pressured tunnels). Pressured diversions are used when there are significant fluctuations in the water level at the place of intake or drainage. With small fluctuations in level (1-3 m), diversions may be of the pressured or nonpressured type; the type is selected on the basis of technical and economic calculations, taking into account the natural conditions of the area. The water flow velocity in diversions varies greatly depending on the type (1.5-2.5 m/sec for canals and 2.5-6.0 m/sec for tunnels and pressured pipelines). The length of modern water lines for diversions reaches several dozen kilometers, and their carrying capacity is more than 2,000 m3/sec.


Ispol’zovanie vodnoi energii. Edited by D. S. Shchavelev. Moscow-Leningrad, 1965.


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i. The process of proceeding to an alternate base because of weather or any other reason.
ii. A change made in a prescribed route for operational or tactical reasons.
iii. A rerouting of cargo or passengers to a new transshipment point or destination or to a different mode of transportation prior to arrival at the ultimate destination.
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The demise of the Red Cross' diversional therapy initiative was brought about through concerns expressed over the cost and appropriateness of the scheme.
"Diversional therapy is a new course being offered here in the Philippines.
Including diversional activities, such as incorporating TM's favorite program, was an important first step in restoring TM's personhood.
The assumption of a functional distinction between dances to be danced and those intended as diversional chamber music is mainly based first on the evidence of a modicum of collections which actually juxtapose the terms da camera and da ballo, and second on those which appear to make a similar distinction between dances labelled da camera and those described as alla francese.
Hiring a certified activity therapist also may increase the therapeutic use of diversional activities (Wheeler & Houston, 2005).
(5) Domain 1 is the sphere named Health promotion, composed of class 1 that has the ND Deficient diversional activity activity and Sedentary lifestyle, and class 2 has the ND Health control that is composed of the ND Lack of adherence, Risk-prone health behavior, Ineffective health control, Readiness for enhanced health control, Ineffective health maintenance, Ineffective protection, Poor community health, Frail elderly syndrome and Risk for frail elderly syndrome.
Essas divisoes, entretanto, podem nao se apresentar tao demarcadas, caso se considere que tanto o jornalismo interpretativo quanto o diversional podem mesclar-se tambem com o jornalismo informativo e o opinativo, como no caso do fait divers que, informando fatos e acontecimentos que causam sensacao, entretem a comunidade, dentro de uma necessidade social.
These activities clearly go beyond the diversional activities offered in SNFs by the activities department.
"I want to be able to bring back all the diversional activities and also complementary therapies, which we are beginning to do.
For those who recall, those were still the days of moccasins and basketry, remedial therapy, slow-stream acute-hospital stays, clinic-based rehabilitation, and diversional therapy on orthopaedic wards for young men who really only wanted to be out on the rooftop garden, having a smoke, and swapping stories about their 'spectacular' crashes.