divine right

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divine right,

doctrine that sovereigns derive their right to rule by virtue of their birth alone—a right based on the law of God and of nature. Authority is transmitted to a ruler from his ancestors, whom God himself appointed to rule. Because the sovereign was responsible not to the governed, but to God alone, active resistance to a king was a sin ensuring damnation. The doctrine evolved partly in reaction against papal claims to wield authority in the political sphere. In England, King James I and his son Charles I made many claims based on divine right, and a notable exponent of the theory was Sir Robert FilmerFilmer, Sir Robert,
d. 1653, English royalist political writer, author of Patriarcha; or, The Natural Power of Kings (pub. posthumously in 1680), a defense of the divine right of monarchs by an exposition of the patriarchal theory of the origin of government.
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. It ceased to be important in England after the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The epitome of the doctrine is found in the rule of Louis XIV of France.


See J. N. Figgis, The Theory of the Divine Right of Kings (1896, repr. 1965); F. Kern, Kingship and Law in the Middle Ages (tr. 1939, repr. 1970).

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were a resul"You have no divine right to win football matches, and you can't keep clean sheets if you don't defend properly Neil Aspin
Referring to Bible texts, the original report stated: "It can be concluded that Christians should not be supporting any claims by Jewish or any other people, to an exclusive or even privileged divine right to possess particular territory.
The truth is that Labour think they have a divine right to rule in Wales," he will say.
There is an expectation that we'll just go out and turn teams over but I keep saying it is not going to be easy and we have seen that with Norwich, Leeds, Forest, Southampton, there is no divine right to win games.
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If you buy into the hogwash of the divine right of kings, then you should also buy into the fact that insignificant trolls like us have no right to question such a system.
The people are to exercise this divine right in the manner specified in the following articles".
A solitary point might seem disappointing but this Liverpool side have no divine right to beat anyone and at short odds and given their terrible away record, they are not an attractive punting proposition.
Now it has learned how Washington works: you can't have too many lawyers, senators rule by divine right, and if a politician calls for change, he expects you to empty your pockets.
Byline: Fifa vice president Jack Warner has said England does not have a divine right to host the World Cup in 2018.
They claim that they have a divine right, and that they are the descendants of the Prophet.
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