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1. the supply, installation, or maintenance of goods carried out by a dealer
2. a department of public employment and its employees
3. the work of a public servant
4. public worship carried out according to certain prescribed forms
5. the prescribed form according to which a specific kind of religious ceremony is to be carried out
6. a unified collection of musical settings of the canticles and other liturgical items prescribed by the Book of Common Prayer as used in the Church of England
7. (in feudal law) the duty owed by a tenant to his lord
8. the serving of a writ, summons, etc., upon a person
9. Nautical a length of tarred marline or small stuff used in serving
10. (of male animals) the act of mating

What does it mean when you dream about a service?

Providing a service in a dream, depending upon how one feels about the service, may indicate something the dreamer wishes to share, or an ability that needs to be expressed. If, however, one is in need of the service—such as automobile service at a gas station, then a stop or respite to replenish or renew oneself may be indicated.


To perform services of maintenance, supply, repair, installation, distribution, and so on, for or upon an instrument, installation, vehicle, or territory.


The conductors and equipment for delivering electric power from the electricity supply system to the wiring system of the premises served.


A generic term that designates functions or assistance available from or rendered by air traffic control. For example, Class C service would denote the ATC (air traffic control) services provided within a Class C airspace area.


(networking, programming)
Work performed (or offered) by a server. This may mean simply serving simple requests for data to be sent or stored (as with file servers, gopher or http servers, e-mail servers, finger servers, SQL servers, etc.); or it may be more complex work, such as that of irc servers, print servers, X Windows servers, or process servers.

E.g. "Access to the finger service is restricted to the local subnet, for security reasons".


(1) Any work performed by an organization can be called a service. Contrast with "product."

(2) Functionality delivered by a cloud computing provider. See XaaS and cloud computing.

(3) Functionality derived by running software. For example, network services may refer to programs that analyze data or provide the conversion of data transmitting in a network. Database services store and retrieve data in a database. Web services add functionality to websites (see Web services).

(4) A facility on the Internet such as Web, email and newsgroups.

(5) A cable TV provider may offer various "services," such as TV, Internet and telephone.

(6) Software that runs in the background (as in the following example).

Services in Windows
Although there are only five applications in this computer that are apparent to the user, there are more than 100 services running in the background. Most of these are started automatically at login.

Services in Windows
Although there are only five applications in this computer that are apparent to the user, there are more than 100 services running in the background. Most of these are started automatically at login.
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The service of the Exercises is fundamentally bound to a divine service in the liturgy and a military service in the Church.
His bill to the chancellor was motivated less out of a concern for his own wellbeing than it was by the "great heinousness that divine service is not kept .
How do they understand the fundamental commission of their local parish with regard to divine service, teaching, diaconia and mission?
And he completely ignores Madison's introduction of legislation in Virginia in October 1785 authorizing religious proclamations and requiring ministers to "attend and perform divine service and preach a sermon" on days appointed for "public fasting and thanksgiving.
As things worsened in the Ghetto, Shapira argues for a new model of service that will have an impact on the din (judgment) and cause God to reveal hosed (mercy): "But now a new mode of divine service has been given us; controlling ourselves, overcoming depression and a broken spirit, finding our strength in God.
In charge of its church was a senior priest they called the master, with three priests under him singing and maintaining divine service.
In 1829 a Society of Singers at Sheen, promising to sing regularly and play skilfully in Divine Service, was given a charter.
The wills of all seven perpetual chantry founders in the church require that their chantry priests should be capable of saying and singing the daily divine service.
divine service there, while the second has a form that centers on God's acceptance of Jewish liturgy, followed by a concluding formula that stresses (and presupposes?
But even they were "written with an especial view to divine service.
A group of young men were caught rehearsing by the constables and churchwardens in the loft of an alehouse during divine service in 1632.
Having sailed around South America, the expedition put into a bay at the 38th parallel where, according to the ship's log, "the admiral ordered divine service to be performed at his tent.