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see postimpressionismpostimpressionism,
term coined by Roger Fry to refer to the work of a number of French painters active at the end of the 19th cent. who, although they developed their varied styles quite independently, were united in their rejection of impressionism.
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or pointillism, a style of painting, developed by G. Seurat and P. Signac, characteristic of neoimpressionism. The technique involves the orderly breakdown of a complex color tone into pure colors that are applied to the canvas with separate brush strokes. When perceived by the viewer, these strokes blend optically. Divisionism was used by H. Cross and, to some extent, C. Pissarro in France, G. Segantini in Italy, and T. van Rysselberghe in Belgium. Elements of divisionism appear in several works by I. E. Grabar’ in Russia.

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Being labelled as perpetrator or victim, ethnic groups are collectively victimised or criminalised, despite the prohibition of the use of ethnic labels as 'divisionism' or 'genocide ideology'.
Signac wholeheartedly adopted Seurat's invention, pointillism or divisionism, though he considered it simply a means of expression, a way to apply paint to the canvas.
Rwanda: Legislation governing divisionism and its impact on political parties, the media, civil society and individuals (2004-June 2007).
divisionism, and collaborating with Rwandan rebels based in the eastern
His paintings during this period were derivatives of Divisionism, as practiced by the Neo-Impressionist painter, Georges Seurat (1859-1891).
The official narrative of unity and reconciliation argues that the combination of a docile and obedient population, a legacy of authoritarian government, and colonial policies of ethnic divisionism caused the 1994 genocide.
Ingabire is charged with "giving financial support to a terrorist group, planning to cause state insecurity and divisionism."
Rushdie avers any idea of purity in terms of divisionism or difference.
They have to perfect their job, that is to say, to bring together the People of Sudan without exception to enable the Nation to conclude in the right decisions for the benefit of People and protection of the Homeland from the evils of divisionism. The Sudan parties that Omer al-Bashir and his Islamists rigged their national elections, thus depriving them from the opportunity to overthrow his bad governance and to establish a true democratic system of rule in its place, comprised the influential forces that the Obama Administration has not yet addressed or the Obama Envoy approached, as had been earlier exercised by Senator Dansforth of the Bush Administration.
There are laws that allow individuals to be charged with ''divisionism'' or ''genocide ideology'' if they use inflammatory rhetoric.
Ingabire is accused of "association with a terrorist group; propagating genocide ideology; negationism and ethnic divisionism", a statement from the prosecution said.
(62) Human Rights Watch has complied a long list of 'disappearances' of Rwandan citizens accused of 'divisionism,' (63) including the disappearance of Dr.