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(Arabic, literally “spirit”), in the Koran a fantastic substance created by Allah from pure, smokeless fire. There are two types of jinns: those converted to Islam that do good deeds and those that are faithless deluders of people and bearers of disease. According to believers, jinns are capable of assuming various forms and living inside of people, animals, and plants. The concept of the jinn existed in pre-Islamic Arabic pagan mythology. With the spread of Islam, belief in jinns became partially incorporated into other peoples’ beliefs (for example, the Persians).

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(genii) class of demon assuming animal/human form. [Arab. Myth.: Benét, 13, 521]
See: Demon
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"We went to a person who claimed he could help her but he turned out to be a fraud and beat her claiming he would get the Djin out of her.
Lebanese clerics called for the band to cancel their August 9 performance at the summer festival in the seaside resort of Byblos, charging that two of their songs -- titled "Idols" and "Djin" -- were offensive to Christians.
Like the song 'Djin'...They talk about alcohol, different aspects of [social issues], just aspects that the government does not want people to open their eyes to, I guess.
Il compte deja a son actif des critiques de dix pieces de theatre jouees dans plusieurs manifestations en Algerie ou ailleurs (Constantine, capitale de la culture arabe 2015, Tlemcen, capitale de la culture islamique 2011, le Festival international du theatre du soleil a Paris, le Festival national du theatre humoristique, le Festival des marionnettes a Mostaghanem-) telles que [beaucoup moins que] Telleli et le Djin [beaucoup plus grand que] produite par le Theatre regional de Constantine qui a remporte le premier prix du Festival de Tunis.
how it is that anything so remarkable as a state of consciousness comes about as the result of irritating nervous tissue, is just as unaccountable as the appearance of the Djin when Aladdin rubbed his lamp.
They said he was a member of the organized crime group nicknamed as Djin. The police detained him before several times on suspicion of attempted murder and hooliganism.
Kwaa-si Djin, a lawyer in Accra who often represents investors in land purchases, thinks that the market is only responding to the forces.
They were named Aliu Rahman, 30, from Serbia, Frani Petrit, 32, from Albania, Ekrem Gashi, 35, from Kosovo, Dedaj Astrit, 23, from Albania, Abazi Gentijan, 24, from Kosovo, and Djerdji Djin, 36, from Macedonia.
"Ram Ram Chock is a djin or an evil spirit that uses a light similar to that of a lantern or an oil lamp during pitch dark winter nights to lead wayward travellers to its cave.
The teachings emphasized most were the Five Virtues (lima kebaikan, [TEXTE NON REPRODUCTIBLE EN ASCII]) of Humaneness (Djin, [TEXTE NON REPRODUCTIBLE EN ASCII]), Righteousness ([TEXTE NON REPRODUCTIBLE EN ASCII]), Propriety (Lee,[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), Wisdom (Tie, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and Integrity (Sien, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
The Masquerade is quite resplendent with a silver theme and in the run-up to Christmas they now have a DJin the shape of Miss Candi Take-It starting from 5pm on Fridays.
Aliens, witches, vampires, portals to hell, zombies, djin, Aztec priests, chupacabra, zombies, and more dance a magical, oppressive, often violent reel through coal, ash, and blood."