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/do'koh/ 1. (In-house jargon at Symbolics) A documentation writer.

See also devo and mango.

2. (UK) A short technical document. A "doco" is often not the documentation passed to management.

Compare doc.
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John will slip back into work mode in April, narrating ITV1's new doco series Children's Hospital on life for the patients at The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.
A) -Mick Doco, Lyndsey, Lauren and Lewis MOORCROFT-LEE, July 26, 2009.
DOCO Regional Federal Credit Union in Albany, Ga., has been using PassTime's basic version of the device since 2006.
Shankar Majrekar, Chief Financial Officer at Gulf Reinsurance, said: C[pounds sterling]The appointment of our first custodian was obviously a crucial decision for us, and we were extremely impressed by the level of expertise, commitment and Cycan doCO attitude displayed by the BNY Mellon Asset Servicing team, as well as by the broad and integrated nature of the product set they are able to offer us.C[yen]A[umlaut] 2008 Al Bawaba (
He eventually put his signature on the document - dated January 24 1962 - after clinching a deal with record company EMI to release the bandCOs single CyLove Me DoCO. Under the contract, Epstein was entitled to a quarter of the bandCOs earnings if they made over $400 a week.
Barak Heiman co-produced the movie with Libsker and the film was funded by the "Yes Doco" television channel and the New Fund for Film and Television in Israel.
Barnavon L, Doco T, Terrier N, Ageorges A, Romieu C, Pellerin P (2000) Analysis of cell wall neutral sugar composition, [beta]-galactosidase aetivity anda realated cDNA clone trought the development of Vitis vinifera grape berries.
In 'The Doco Flock: Truth and Narrative' Wedde uses the terms 'flocking and shoaling' (147) to describe the 'crowd experience' of documentary space, a virtual convergence mapped by the remarkable computer model (Chris Reynolds's 'boids') that brought us the Air New Zealand koru birds.
Access develops and sells software for NTT DoCo MoInc's 3G FOMA handsets under consignment and intends to use the PalmSource purchase to extend its range of mobile device software.