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/do'koh/ 1. (In-house jargon at Symbolics) A documentation writer.

See also devo and mango.

2. (UK) A short technical document. A "doco" is often not the documentation passed to management.

Compare doc.
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The strain the economy has put on consumers has caused DOCO to start seeing delinquencies on members with credit scores higher than 600 as well, Salter said.
Jason Robitz, vice president of mortgage services for Albany, Georgia-based DOCO Credit Union, knows that changing this perception is key to long-term success.
Yes, footage can be edited - the notion that the Jackson doco should have been shown in full is laughable.
Mosen Makhmalbaf blurs the line between doco and fiction in his engrossing exploration of contemporary Afghan society and the subjugation of women.
The Knowledge and Innovation Team (KIT) received a number of requests from various DOCO teams to support
Hang it all, why not have the doco microfilmed too.
FROM the You Couldn't Make It Up files: William Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist, has been hired to direct an opera version of Al Gore's climate change doco, An Inconvenient Truth.
Down south in the City of Sin this week, doing a bit of radio and falling over at a friend's birthday party ( more of that later ( I happened to catch BBC2's doco of Cornwall "invasion" of frappuccino-swilling Islington in north London.
I played with Doco at Clydebank and Partick Thistle and will never forget the day he won pounds 5,000 for scoring the fastest goal of the season.
As I was told on starting work at the ABC in 1988 on a doco called Nobody's Children, `Remember, mate, you're making films to titillate Pymble'.
Selectively based on Read's fanciful autobiography From The Inside and drawing on such other catchy titles as How To Shoot Friends and Influence People, it opens with an incarcerated Chopper (a remarkably understated Eric Bana) watching a tv doco about his life, telling the female interviewer he's 'just a normal bloke who likes a bit of torture.