document deposit

deposit for bidding documents

Monetary deposit required to obtain a set of construction documents and bidding requirements, customarily refunded to bona fide bidders on return of the documents in good condition within a specified time.
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According to the document deposits of state companies and ministries in the private CCB put the media group of mogul Irena Krasteva in a privileged position compared to other players on the market, distort it and breach EU competition law.
This receipt will state the date of deposit, the name, address, and telephone number of the depositor, the name and last known address of the testator, as provided by the depositor, a short description of each document deposited, and any alternate names by which the testator could be known, along with the testator's date of birth and last four digits of the testator's social security number, if provided by the depositor.
XEROX[R] has taken connectedness to the next level with DocuShare 4.0, a program that allows multiple users within businesses to obtain instant access to their document deposits. Considered a "digital library" of information, DocuShare 4.0 is the most recent version of the business content management software (ECM), based on the Xerox web page.
While pursuing the mission to assert the importance of reading and to promote Quebec publishing, the Grande Bibliotheque will also be given custody of the second copy of every published document deposited, together with a mandate to promote such documents and make them available to the public.
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