document imaging

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document imaging

[′däk·yə·mənt ‚im·ij·iŋ]
(computer science)

document imaging

The online storage, retrieval and management of electronic images of documents. The main method of capturing images is by scanning paper documents.

Document imaging systems replace large paper-intensive operations. Documents can be shared by all users on a network and document routing can be controlled by the computer (workflow). The systems are often simpler to develop and implement than traditional data processing systems, because users are already familiar with the paper documents that appear on screen.

Primarily Graphics
Document images are stored as bitmapped graphics, and although a small amount of text (keywords) may be associated with the document in order to index it, the meaning of the document content is known only to the human viewer, not the computer. Like microfilm, signatures and other original markings remain intact. See document management system.

Document Imaging Takes Storage Space
When a page of text is scanned, it takes up much more storage space than if the text were typed in because each text character takes only one byte of storage. When paper documents are scanned, they are turned into digital pictures. Depending on the resolution required, a scanned page can take 50 times as much storage as the ASCII characters of the text they contain.
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Another institution that has learned how document imaging technology can offer a solution to burdensome regulatory requirements is University of California, Irvine, which uses a product called Green Array in the department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
The development effort combined Intel's expertise in designing and delivering high-performance programmable microprocessors with Xerox's document imaging expertise.
vendor of management information systems to the real estate industry, has signed an agreement with software developer Samson Information Technologies, LLC to incorporate the Samson Capture advanced document imaging suite in B.
Document imaging offers accounting firms more than just internal cost savings and increased productivity.
Imagery originated the concept of image-enabling and together with Lotus we delivered the first major image-enabled application: Lotus Notes: Document Imaging (LN:DI)," said Steve Conkling, president and CEO of Imagery Software.
Key findings from the report: Increasing Image and Capture Service Outsourcing Slowdown in Adoption of Document Imaging Management by SMEs Increasing Adoption of Customized Document Imaging Management
chairman of Network Imaging, said "The acquisition of Optix SA will allow Network Imaging to achieve its goal of becoming the worldwide leader in document imaging and optical storage technology over the next two years.
A uniform standard of performance for printing and document imaging technicians results in greater productivity; higher first time fix-rates; and, ultimately, better results for the customer.
Hudson Community Enterprises today announced that the State of New Jersey, working with Metro Scanning and ACCSES New Jersey/CNA, has put document imaging services on the set aside program under New Jersey State Contract.
PowerFile has devised a network-attached appliance that can install in less than 30 minutes, easily integrate within existing document imaging environments, and serve over 30 terabytes in a single network volume.
As the number of banks, companies and government institutions implementing Check 21 solutions continues to grow, having a check scanning application that is virtually plug-and-play and instantly compatible--right out of the box--with other software used for item processing will help these customers grow easier and quicker in terms of upgrades to their systems," said Andy Lawrence, worldwide solutions business manager, Document Imaging, Graphic Communications Group, Eastman Kodak Company.

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