document imaging

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document imaging

[′däk·yə·mənt ‚im·ij·iŋ]
(computer science)
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document imaging

The online storage, retrieval and management of electronic images of documents. The main method of capturing images is by scanning paper documents.

Document imaging systems replace large paper-intensive operations. Documents can be shared by all users on a network and document routing can be controlled by the computer (workflow). The systems are often simpler to develop and implement than traditional data processing systems, because users are already familiar with the paper documents that appear on screen.

Primarily Graphics
Document images are stored as bitmapped graphics, and although a small amount of text (keywords) may be associated with the document in order to index it, the meaning of the document content is known only to the human viewer, not the computer. Like microfilm, signatures and other original markings remain intact. See document management system.

Document Imaging Takes Storage Space
When a page of text is scanned, it takes up much more storage space than if the text were typed in because each text character takes only one byte of storage. When paper documents are scanned, they are turned into digital pictures. Depending on the resolution required, a scanned page can take 50 times as much storage as the ASCII characters of the text they contain.
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A typical document imaging system comprises hardware components for input, storage and retrieval.
The survey was conducted in the spring of 2013 and investigated document imaging systems at nearly 200 credit unions of all sizes, the firm said.
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Allscan (Pty) Ltd ( specialises in the provision of document imaging, management and business intelligence (BI) hardware and software solutions to South African and sub-Saharan channel partners.
According to Quadrant Software, companies in the transportation and distribution industries can use document imaging and report capture capabilities to reduce the time from product delivery to invoicing.
By tightly coupling KwikTag with Worldox, we're bringing firm-wide document imaging to these ambitious Worldox firms."
eMAGIC[R], MILWAUKEE, THE TECHNOLOGY subsidiary of Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC), has introduced Trio[SM], a document imaging and delivery system for its customers.
Presented by Jeffrey Green, Director of Compliance, LaserFiche Document Imaging

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