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(formerly) the chief magistrate in the republics of Venice (until 1797) and Genoa (until 1805)
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the head of the republic of Venice from the late seventh through the 18th centuries and of the republic of Genoa from the 14th through the 18th centuries. In Venice the doge was elected for a life term by the patriciate from among its own ranks through a system of indirect votes, and initially he had great power. After the attempts by some doges to transform their rule into a hereditary seigneury, the Venetian oligarchy gradually (12th-14th centuries) reduced the role of the doge to that of a figurehead. In Genoa the position of lifelong doge was introduced in 1339 but was limited to a term of two years in 1528.

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The Chamber of the Great Council is the largest chamber in the Doge's Palace and also one of the largest rooms in Europe.
I take the burden of the book to be a qualified attack on several aspects of Venetian exceptionalism, the myths of a governing class without factions and of doges without ambitions.
if it must depend upon men's words?" but the Doge nevertheless seeks to force language to coincide with the moral essences in which he believes (n.i.57-58).
Eventually, The Doge's patience wears out and he vows to banish Casanova from the city unless the incorrigible womaniser takes a wife.
But eventually The Doge's patience wears out and he vows to banish Casanova from the city unless the incorrigible womaniser takes a wife.
Every year the Doge would take part in a symbolic ceremony, the Marriage of the Sea, to celebrate Venice's mastery over the ocean.
Leading the x-ray inspection field, Doge announces the XD6600--XiDAT a groundbreaking Digital X-Ray System with outstanding image resolution.
I would like to visit the Gug-genheim Museum as I didn't get the chance last time and I would definitely go back to see the Doge's Palace.
Another may be its dark, sombre tale of the tragic, heroic title character, the Doge of Venice: a friend of the people, yet hated by the upper class, he is also betrayed by his wife, Elena, who has committed adultery with his nephew, Fernando.
The Doge's Palace is packed with wonderful works of art by Tintoretto and Titian.
The horror felt toward an executioner and his family is skillfully described, but Cooper spoils his social idea by letting the plot develop along absurdly conventional lines--the executioner's son turns out to be really the son of the Doge of Genoa.