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Companies that internally use the software products they create for the public. Developers who do not use their own software on a regular basis are often unable to understand the problems users face.

The expression comes from early, live TV commercials for dog food when the dog occasionally refused to eat the chow. "Does the dog eat the dog food?" came to mean "do they really like the product themselves?"
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I won't tell you these things, I will simply let you know that my name is not Dogfood, don't ever believe this...
Fresh frozen dogfood: Scientifically blended by Nieman's.
Ariel Biological Liquitabs (20 x 45g) pounds 3.86; Flash All Purpose Antibacterial Wipes (60) BOGOF (pounds 1.48 each); Newgate Frozen Roast Dinner (400g) pounds 1; Opti Dog High Premium Dogfood (5kg) pounds 2.99.
The most notable health crises in the year 2006 were caused by the presence of aflatoxins in dogfood from the United States, infection of pork by fat dioxins in Belgium and benzene in aerated beverages produced in the United Kingdom.
dogfood fishypop something for the weakened ffffffff(p) check out
MORRISONS Baker's Complete Dogfood 3Kg, Buy 1 get 1 FREE pounds 4.79; Elizabeth Shaw mint crisp chocolates 8 - 10s, Buy 1 get 1 FREE pounds 3.28; Tassimo coffee discs 18s, Multisave pounds 3.29 Buy 4 for pounds 10; Kelloggs Special K Berries cereal 500g, 3 for 2 pounds 2.59 - pounds 5.18; Kelloggs Fruit & Fibre cereal 750g, 3 for 2 pounds 2.48 - pounds 4.96; Kelloggs Special K cereal bars 6s, 3 for 2 pounds 1.89 - pounds 3.78; Wagg complete Dogfood 2.5Kg, Buy 1 get 1 FREE pounds 1.89; Morrisons Right Balance cereal 500g, Buy 1 get 1 FREE pounds 1.75.
Dewi Parry, of Betws y Coed, is the main sponsor of the event through his company Pero Dogfood, set up after his own dogs refused to eat proprietary brands.
Fruit flies were raised on instant Drosophila medium (formula 4-24 Plain, Carolina Biological Supply, Burlington NC), mixed with crushed dogfood (Techni-Cal ADULT[R], Martin Pet Foods, Canada).
She likes chicken, pasta and Cesar dogfood. Her favourite treats are carrots.
Meantime if time is hanging heavy until the advent of the ZigBee networked home, take a look at for details about making a long-distance (several kilometres) extension to your current wireless network (a cantenna, it's called) using a modestly modified dogfood can from Tesco and a bit of cable.
In the dog eat dogfood world of the third division live circuit, a whole sub-genus of musical bottom-feeders has arisen taking advantage of the likes of U2 and the Beatles' unwillingness to play the Rock Cafe in Stourbridge.