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dogtooth, tooth ornament

dogtooth, 1
1. An ornament in medieval architecture and derivatives, of more or less elaborate motif, usually pyramidal with notched sides, the diagonal portions usually resembling petals or leaves which radiate from the raised point.
2. A brick laid with its corners projecting from the wall face.

tooth ornament, dogtooth

tooth ornament
A decoration, generally in the hollow of a Gothic molding, consisting of four-leaved flowers, the centers of which project in a point.
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The discontinuity at the inboard end of the leading-edge chord-wise extension, generating a strong vortex. Also known as a sawtooth.
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Coast Eileen dogtooth coat, pounds 180 F&F at Tesco tweed cocoon coat, pounds 45 River Island turquoise duffel coat, pounds 79.99 Marks & Spencer grey belted coat, pounds 99 Cover picture: Warehouse black mongolian fur coat, pounds 200 GIVe Jane red cocoon coat, pounds 249
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Her black-and-white dogtooth tailcoat, matching three-quarter-length trousers, cravat, hat, shirt and gloves secured her a place in the final of the Golden Shears contest where the best British tailors have made their name.
"Mum's dogtooth jacket is back in style now!" says Florrie's daughter, Mrs F.
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Cresswell, who was wearing, a dogtooth checked suit and bright pink socks, also faces two charges of having failed to answer bail in September 1998.
Oversized buttons, pretty satchels and traditional dogtooth prints bring attention to detail, setting off classic boyish crombies and simple roll-neck sweaters.