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A covered passageway, open to the outdoors, connecting two cabins, two parts of a house, or between a house and a garage; sometimes serves as an outdoor sitting area; also called a dogtrot.
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The symmetrical floor plan, a modified dogtrot, yields to classic Southern charm.
After some negotiation, Beard found himself the new owner of a dilapidated two-room dogtrot house and six acres of land.
Along with homes in Texas, New Mexico, Maine, and Minnesota, the Poplarville dogtrot house of Allan and Nancy Bissinger is profiled for its fidelity to a classic vernacular and frugality of construction and design.
To motorists traveling the Natchez Trace, French Camp--midway between Jackson and Tupelo--looks like a frontier-era settlement: A weathered dogtrot log cabin stands behind a split rail fence.
Some students serve at the Council House Restaurant, which is located next to the dogtrot cabin.
The girls gather with Irene Taylor in the Drane House for an old-fashioned quilting session or attend embroidery lessons at the 1840 Huffman dogtrot log cabin.