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That is no bad thing even when that defiance is as misguided and preposterous as his belief that a crooked cartel is running our game and doing down his club.
You have to give Gloucester all the plaudits for what they are doing down there, and even just watching them in the warm-up I thought they looked the part.
Admitting that Gloucester were worthy winners with a four-to-one try-count, the Scot said: "You have to give them all the plaudits for what they are doing down there.
When it was announced last month that the Asian Network and 6 Music were to close, Tory culture spokesman Ed Vaizey said: "We want a smaller BBC because it is doing down its commercial rivals.
He's probably annoyed that we keep protesting what he's doing down there.
Wait a sec--what the hell am I doing down here in SoCal any way?
Fitz (Sives) and his loser mates, Nellie (Iain Robertson) and Seany (Kevin McKidd), are stuck in the dull Highland town of Tullybridge, dreading the annual Christmas holidays when all their school friends return home with stories of how well they're doing down south.
It is alarming to think that a senior politician has so little to do that he can spend time doing down young people who have worked long and hard to gain these awards.
I can't let the small things affect what I'm doing down the road with my race team and RCR and the things that we want to accomplish,'' said Harvick, a former NASCAR Winston West champion from Bakersfield who raced Late Models at Mesa Marin Raceway.
An All Star is recognition of what we have been doing down here in Tipperary and perhaps now we will get the respect which we deserve.
Mr David's article nakedly exposes his priorities - spending time doing down other political parties rather than helping solve the problems Caerphilly faces.
Given a new lease of life in recent weeks with a string of crucial breaks, Tait added: "The space I'm getting out wide is all down to the hard graft that the lads are doing down the middle, and forwards are really making our lives a lot easier with the ball we're getting.