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The temptation is to head south as quickly as possible, but that isn't always right and could cause you problems when you encounter the Doldrums.
Doldrums did not enjoy such an instant impact on her first handicap start, however, struggling off a mark of 76 when stepped up slightly in trip and being swamped by more experienced rivals.
2 : a period of no activity or improvement <Her business was in the doldrums.
Street Sense and Summer Doldrums were bred on a similar cross, with the former being out of the Dixieland Band mare Bedazzle, and the latter's second dam, Dixie Band, being by the same sire.
Cars drive this country and they're in the doldrums," notes one scrap dealer.
These people have had years of being in the doldrums,' said Sturrock during the celebrations at the Millennium Stadium.
We woulda ran it bigger but Braden Griffiths' epic SF back Smith has got the digital doldrums.
The nation's bold trek into outer space seems to have fallen into the doldrums these days.
They'll give you enough heat and energy to get you through the winter doldrums.
A fruit fly relies on a different group of cells to tick out the rhythm to perk up in the morning than it does to boost evening activity after daytime doldrums, report two research teams.
As a result he inspired a nation to collectively come out of the doldrums of despair and move forward in many productive ways.
Assisted riving, however, still seems locked in the doldrums, with its short-term debt delinquency rate now approaching 10%.