domestic sewage

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Any liquid-borne waste, containing animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution; may include liquids containing chemicals in solution; ground, surface, or storm water may become mixed with it as it is admitted into or passes through the sewers.
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The problem of contamination by industrial and domestic sewage extends across the length of the river, varying only in intensity.
Table 1 presents some characteristics of the domestic sewage studied, their range of values and mean.
The construction is divided into three parts, namely domestic sewage treatment station, domestic water purification station and underground water treatment station.
Some industrial facilities generate ordinary domestic sewage that can be treated by municipal facilities.
In this context, current paper determines the level of concentration of the following FSHs: estrone (E1), 17 [beta] estradiol (E2), 17 [alpha] ethinylestradiol (EE2) and progesterone (Pg) in the Iguazu River Basin in Curitiba, south Brazil, and relate them to limnological parameters that indicate contamination by domestic sewage discharges.
The field investigations were undertaken in Tigreiro river (2nd order river, Jacui Basin, Atlantic Forest Biome, 380 m altitude approximately) which serves as a dumping of domestic sewage for Espumoso, Rio Grande do Sul State (Southern Brazil, subtropical region).
It was stated that there was plenty of capacity to treat the current domestic sewage plus that of thousands more homes.
These trucks can't just dump the domestic sewage in the open areas without treating it.
According to the ZSL review, a major issue for threatened freshwater species is water pollution from agricultural run-off, domestic sewage and industrial waste.
Domestic Sewage: Domestic sewage is another important source of water pollution.
In Pakistan, the quality of fresh water has been altered by the impacts of domestic sewage, industrial effluents, and agriculture runoff.