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domicile (dŏmˈəsīlˌ), one's legal residence. This may or may not be the place where one actually resides at any one time. The domicile is the permanent home to which one is presumed to have the intention of returning whenever the purpose for which one is absent has been accomplished. One may simultaneously have a temporary lodging for a short time at one place, a more permanent abode called a residence at another, and a domicile at still another place. Usually the domicile of the husband and father determines that of wife and children. Determining domicile is important in defining the legal status of a person and the nationality of a public corporation (a legal person) under international law.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In traditional astrology, a planet placed in the sign that it rules was said to be in domicile, a word derived from the Latin for home. Thus, a planet in domicile (e.g., Mercury in Gemini, Mars in Aries, etc.) is “at home,” a location that allows the planet to express its nature freely. A planet in domicile is in the sign of its dignity, and an alternative term for domicile is domal dignity. The term domicile is infrequently used in modern astrology; when it is, it is often used in a more general sense to denote location, as when someone says that a certain planet is “domiciled” in a particular house.

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, domicil Formal
1. a permanent legal residence
2. Commerce Brit the place where a bill of exchange is to be paid
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The additional advocate general said that the domicile of West district was not accepted because Saddam's father's domicile was of Dadu.
'Those officials who make fake domiciles should not be on seats,' the bench remarked.
Cayetano and his wife 'established their conjugal dwelling or marital domicile in a place other than respondent's domicile is of no moment and has no effect whatsoever to respondent's domicile absent any intention to abandon the same,' it added.
The Second Division said residence is different from one's domicile and a person may maintain several residences and not lose his or her domicile in the process.
For the COC, Comelec explained candidates should declare their domicile.
"A person may live and maintain residences in different places but it does not result to loss of domicile. That respondent and his wife established their conjugal dwelling or marital domicile in a place other than respondent's domicile is of no moment and has no effect whatsoever to respondent's domicile absent any intention to abandon the same," it further read.
For most taxpayers looking to leave high-tax states, the state they are leaving is likely their current domicile. These taxpayers, therefore, need to establish that they have abandoned their New York domicile and have established a new domicile in a different state.
A change of domicile to another state for estate tax purposes, a change of domicile is all that is needed.
People expressed jubilation over provision of such a beneficial facility to them and said earlier they had to visit many times to different offices for obtaining domicile and now they received the domicile near to their homes.
Talking to journalist Rafiullah Mandokhail, Chairman Zhob Qaumi Jirga Akhter Shah Mandokhail, Sardar Yousaf Abdullahzai Kakar and Mullah Ahmed Khan Mandokhail quoting some estimates, said that thousands of fake local and domicile certificates have been issued to non-residents who are enjoying perks and privileges in the federal capital, while our well-educated segment is running from pillar to post for seeking jobs that caused joblessness and a senesce of deprivation and frustration among the youth.
Gordon James (name changed by request) ATHE question of domicile and residence is a very involved one - and one which is almost impossible to get a straight answer to from any accountant or tax expert that you speak to.