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(dŏm`əsīl'), one's legal residence. This may or may not be the place where one actually resides at any one time. The domicile is the permanent home to which one is presumed to have the intention of returning whenever the purpose for which one is absent has been accomplished. One may simultaneously have a temporary lodging for a short time at one place, a more permanent abode called a residence at another, and a domicile at still another place. Usually the domicile of the husband and father determines that of wife and children. Determining domicile is important in defining the legal status of a person and the nationality of a public corporation (a legal person) under international law.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In traditional astrology, a planet placed in the sign that it rules was said to be in domicile, a word derived from the Latin for home. Thus, a planet in domicile (e.g., Mercury in Gemini, Mars in Aries, etc.) is “at home,” a location that allows the planet to express its nature freely. A planet in domicile is in the sign of its dignity, and an alternative term for domicile is domal dignity. The term domicile is infrequently used in modern astrology; when it is, it is often used in a more general sense to denote location, as when someone says that a certain planet is “domiciled” in a particular house.

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, domicil Formal
1. a permanent legal residence
2. Commerce Brit the place where a bill of exchange is to be paid
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When I spoke to HMRC they told me that they will treat you as being domiciled in the UK if you either have lived in the UK for 15 of the last 20 years or have had your permanent home in the UK at any time in the last three years of your life.
(B)) who maintains a permanent place of abode in this state and spends in the aggregate more than one hundred eighty-three days of the taxable year in this state, whether or not domiciled in this state for any portion of the taxable year, unless such individual is in active service in the armed forces of the United States.
After the hearing, Justice Ouadri said that 'an order nisi is hereby made against the 53rd and 54th judgement debtor/respondents in respect of the accounts of the said 53rd and 54th respondents domiciled with Zenith Bank Plc, Minna branch and Access Bank Plc, Minna branch respectively
The Silicon Valley start-up is domiciled in California with its first office located in San Francisco's Mission District improvement zone.
Replying a question in Senate, he informed the house that Balochistan domiciled officers, on promotion to BS-21, shall be entitled to serve outside the province provided that they have served in Balochistan for at least ten years.
Following the most recent tightening of these rules, announced in 2015 and due to take effect from April 2017, such individuals will be taxed as though they were UK domiciled once they have been resident in the UK for 15 of the last 20 years.
But his or her heirs could get stuck with a sizable estate tax bill if, after the client retires to Rhode Island, that state decides he or she was domiciled there.
In the case of the athlete, for example, the courts might determine that she is domiciled on the Cape because that is the-only place she ever considered home--every place else she treated as way stations convenient to her needs, but not the home hearth.
"Given the nature of the regions investors and investment opportunities, a DIFC QIF domiciled fund is ideal for emerging market, Islamic and frontier market investment strategies and alternatives such as private equity, real estate and hedge funds."
Pennsylvania conceded that the taxpayer was domiciled in New Jersey from May 7, 1911 to November 14, 1925, based on the taxpayer's leasing property he formerly owned located in Burlington County, New Jersey.
An SC bench said the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 can have extra- territorial operation on non- Indian Hindu couples or on couples residing in other countries only if they are domiciled in India.
There is, however, a notable exception to this ruling and this is where the surviving spouse is regarded as being not domiciled in the UK for IHT purposes.