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domicile (dŏmˈəsīlˌ), one's legal residence. This may or may not be the place where one actually resides at any one time. The domicile is the permanent home to which one is presumed to have the intention of returning whenever the purpose for which one is absent has been accomplished. One may simultaneously have a temporary lodging for a short time at one place, a more permanent abode called a residence at another, and a domicile at still another place. Usually the domicile of the husband and father determines that of wife and children. Determining domicile is important in defining the legal status of a person and the nationality of a public corporation (a legal person) under international law.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In traditional astrology, a planet placed in the sign that it rules was said to be in domicile, a word derived from the Latin for home. Thus, a planet in domicile (e.g., Mercury in Gemini, Mars in Aries, etc.) is “at home,” a location that allows the planet to express its nature freely. A planet in domicile is in the sign of its dignity, and an alternative term for domicile is domal dignity. The term domicile is infrequently used in modern astrology; when it is, it is often used in a more general sense to denote location, as when someone says that a certain planet is “domiciled” in a particular house.

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, domicil Formal
1. a permanent legal residence
2. Commerce Brit the place where a bill of exchange is to be paid
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'Officials of the Sindh government are responsible for issuing fake domiciles. What are district commissioners doing with regards to fake domiciles?' remarked Justice Shah.
'Those officials who make fake domiciles should not be on seats,' the bench remarked.
The DC informed that students would be provided domiciles at their respective schools while to facilitate the journalist community the Mobile Unit will also visit Peshawar Press Club.
In Asia, you have three domiciles that have been quite active in terms of attracting new captive ventures.
Such a obtaining of desired domiciles is a murder of merit.
"Following this rule, the spouses cannot keep separate domiciles or for one spouse to claim a separate and independent domicile from the matrimonial domicile," said Maranon.
While Luxembourg and Ireland have emerged as the popular EU domiciles for UK insurers, A.M.
Best provided a list of the planned insurance domiciles for 36 insurers and reinsurers in the EU, as of June 27.
PESHAWAR -- The district administration through Education Department has issued domiciles to 14000 metric students at school level since January 2018.
In the next phase, the deputy commissioner said the domiciles of students of primary school would also be made through the same process.
With a significant life event, such as acquiring a new home in Florida, a taxpayer can signal her intent to change domiciles.
* Courts have held that a husband and wife can have different legal domiciles if they live separately in a "nontraditional" marriage.