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"The leader is one who dominates and the follower is one who gets dominated.
An investigation by our IT team concluded that the legitimate news item on's homepage gallery has been copied through screenshot and altered the headline 'Same faces, names dominate Senate race' to make it read 'Same feces, names dominate Senate race' by using a photo digital editing program.
"You can see it on the faces of the guys, they are frustrated and so I hope we can change that, to still dominate the game and also score so we can take the points."
Questions were raised about their ability to challenge for the major titles when they struggled for form and fitness between 2014 and 2016, but any doubt was dismissed when they returned to dominate the tour last season.
It showed that out of Apple's 15.5% share of manufactured devices in the market, the iPhone 6 continues to dominate, with a 3.1% share of the total devices registered, followed by the iPhone 6S with 2.33% registered devices.
Each moment employees allow another person's remote control to work successfully or allow an object to control and dominate their emotional state, they are weakened internally and become a puppet in the other person's hands.
"If dominate is to have the ball and to move the ball without progression, yes, they also dominate.
Theses four vertices dominate twelve new vertices {[v.sub.i-6], [v.sub.i-3], [v.sub.i + 2], [v.sub.i-5], [v.sub.i-2], [v.sub.i + 3], [v.sub.i + l-3], [v.sub.i + l + 2], [v.sub.i + l + 5], [v.sub.i + l-2], [v.sub.i + l + 3], [v.sub.i + l + 6]}.
Then, v(s) does not dominate w(S), thus S is an unsafe triple of S.
The influence of the Whent equine lineage continues at Newbury today with a son of Assertive, Dominate, in the race carrying the family name.
One can also note that during the migration of Macedonians, municipalities Kisela Voda, Aerodrom, Centar, Gjorce Petrov and Karpos dominate and Cair, Saraj and Aracinovo with Albanians.
I think it's going to be harder to dominate, like we used to see, like Tiger has dominated.