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(esp US), donut
anything shaped like a ring, such as the reaction vessel of a thermonuclear reactor




Version 1.6 of the Android OS. See Android versions.
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Randy's Donuts joins Hollywood & Highland's diverse list of new tenants, including Japan House Los Angeles, Foot Locker with Six:02, and Quay Australia along with other contemporary fashion and beauty brands, boutique cafes, eateries and entertainment attractions.
The calories in donuts are primarily empty calories, as donuts are low in nutrients.
A selection of the doughnuts available at Hot Box Donuts
Speaking to the ECHO, Roly explained why he chose donuts said: "They're the best.
Dunkin' Donuts is bringing new items at locations across the country.
Dunkin' Donuts also worked with Juliet, an expert in how your food choices and habits reveal who you are, to create a fun infographic allowing donut lovers to find out what their favorite donut says about their personality, plus the perfect beverage to pair with it.
Dunkin' Donuts fans can now access the Dunkin' Mobile App through the App Store for iMessage to deliver mobile Dunkin' Donuts Cards to friends, family and colleagues as quickly and simply as sending an emoji.
If you want donuts in the office, you buy the box and bring it in.
Classic Cinnamon Sugar Donut (Makes 24 donuts) 40 ounces warm water (5 cups) 1 ounce yeast (3 Tablespoons) 2 pounds flour (3% cups) 8 ounces soymilk (1 cup) 8 ounces Earth Balance/vegan butter substitute (1 cup) 10 ounces organic sugar (1 1/4 cup) 5 ounces yeast (1/4 cup) 2 1/2 pounds flour (4 1/2 cups) 4 cups oil for frying cinnamon and sugar, to taste In a large mixing bowl (either an electric mixer bowl or a large enough bowl with room for rising dough), mix the warm water, yeast, and flour together until combined.
The first five visitors of the TriNoma branch get a six-month supply of half-a-dozen Bavarian donuts. The first 300 customers, on the other hand, will receive two free glazed Pon de Ring.
In Rishon Lezion, the nine year old was taken to the hospital after eating a donut, despite her allergy to gluten products.
Dunkin' Donuts serves up nearly 1.8 billion cups of fresh and iced coffee and more than 2.1 billion beverage every year, through its outlets located worldwide, according to recent data.