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furring strip

A wood strip used as furring, 1; also see batten, 3.
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Join him on his first solo European tour with Manchester born singer songwriter Dook Dookson and band.
Ahmed Al Shehi, manager of public services at the department, said it would not have been possible to catch the 'Dook Mafia' without the sincere assistance from a group of Emirati nationals here.
The creaking doors, the crawling shadow on the ceiling and the way the monster says "Dook" tingles the bones in every instance.
But Dook was only nailed for raping Sarah last year - thanks to improvements in DNA testing.
David Steel, the Loony Dook's organiser, said: I first took the plunge more than 20 years ago now, and back then the water was filthy.
(Such beliefs are so regularly expressed that I did not even think twice when a friend sent me a text message recently to say she would be late because she was visiting a matan dook to find out who stole her computer.)
But earlier this month the Queen and Dook took the regular 10.18 from Paddington to Oxford for an official visit.
John Dook,of The Miner's Arms at Rhesycae,near Holywell, was yesterday given a 16 month ban after admitting drink-driving.
Yesterday was apparently when they made the toast served with my dook.
1.40 Dook's Delight 2-1 1.50 Family Business 6-4 2.15 Teeton Priceless 6-1 2.25 Spread The Word 11-4 2.50 China Box 2-1 fav.
Now aged, in fact doddering, this hero mumbles, confuses his newly-arrived grandniece by a generation, drinks paregoric--"rare stuff to cut the phlegm"--remembers the commendation of the Prince Regent, repeatedly remarks that "the Dook" wouldn't approve of this or that, and weeps childishly when he breaks his pipe.