door sweep

sweep strip, door sweep

A flexible weather stripping used at the top and bottom edges of a revolving door.
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If you are thinking of replacing your door because of draft, you should first check your weatherstripping and/or door sweep; both can wear over time and are much easier to replace than an entire door.
Look at doors to make sure the bottom door sweep is sealed tightly to the ground.
Door sweep 5 years + Easy to apply; (metal spine, vinyl edge) vinyl is flexible over adjacent flooring materials Vinyl bulb 5 years + Flexible vinyl (on metal door threshold) adjusts to fit door opening Bulbs are available for the bottom door edge Nylon brush 5 years + Used to replace (fin seal) worn Weatherstripping on aluminum windows and doors and triple-track storm windows.
* If the door has rubber gaskets or a rubber door sweep, check them for gaps.
We'll also show you how to install a door sweep ($6) to stop drafts from coming under the door.
6 PEEL OUT the old door sweep and caulk the ends of the door frame.
By sealing between the jamb and wall framing, and adding weatherstripping gaskets and a door sweep (Photos 9 through 11), you can raise the STC to 20; that's an easy, noticeable improvement, but maybe not enough.