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doorjamb, doorcheek, doorpost

The vertical member on each side of a door.
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The internal doorjamb and external doorframe are built of 2x4 stud lumber with OSB board screwed to the framing.
He placed one hand on the doorjamb and turned the corner out of the kitchen and into the dining room.
2); "I lean against the doorjamb until my life / gags into despair, and then I proceed" (142.
Pump up your tires to three pounds per square inch above the normal pressure listed on the doorjamb of your car.
A little heap of snow has sifted against the doorjamb, leaving a clean edge when the timber pulls away.
Not moving from her post, leaning against the doorjamb, she shrugged her shoulders and smiled an offhand smile at another nurse dressed in blue, standing motionless in the corridor.
In addition to the performances, Ga presented a slide show of found wristwatch advertisements from magazines in which the clock faces all eerily show 10:10, and a brass cast of a part of the ship's doorjamb that bears the marks of the door being closed again and again.
It also has gold Ramatanka charm, Tantric yantra, bell with bull finial, Hindu temple doorjamb, carved and painted figure of Vishnu riding Garuda, copper plate with ten-armed figure of the Shiva, painting of king worshipping Krishna, etc.
An eighth-inch-wide, 6-foot-long crack between a door and a doorjamb, for example, is equivalent to a 9-square-inch opening
You transferred the call and leaned on Glen's doorjamb while he said "Sure," "Yep, okay," and "Yes sir, I'll take care of it.
For single-handed slide retraction, this vertical face can be lodged against any rigid surface (such as the outside corner of a wall, a doorjamb, heavy-duty gun belt or the heel of your boot) and the pistol pushed forward.