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doorjamb, doorcheek, doorpost

The vertical member on each side of a door.
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Today, alongside the doorjambs, Fibrestick manufactures primed moulding, window buildouts, and shelving supports, bringing in roughly $2 million to $5 million in sales.
Be sure the paint color and finish are uniform, and check inside doorjambs for dull-looking overspray.
The wrought iron doorjamb is still twisted, the result of explosives the Army used to blast their way into the house, the family adds.
Using the doorjamb as cover, Judge Peetris threw open his robe to clear his snubnosed Smith & Wesson .38 Chief Special from its open-top leather holster on his belt.
For single-handed slide retraction, this vertical face can be lodged against any rigid surface (such as the outside corner of a wall, a doorjamb, heavy-duty gun belt or the heel of your boot) and the pistol pushed forward.
No matter how durable a light might be, if you bang/scrape/bust it off the firearm by hitting it on a doorjamb in the dark, it won't survive.
I hang before it now, my heel upon the threshold, my hand against the doorjamb, and hesitate.
Despite great sentimental value, it is best nailed up over the doorjamb next to the lucky horseshoe.
I smacked my head against the doorjamb. I didn't know where I was."
The internal doorjamb and external doorframe are built of 2x4 stud lumber with OSB board screwed to the framing.
A white copper bowl often decorated by Ya Hossein, Damn Yazid, was used to drink water; it was hung by chain on the doorjamb of Saqakhaneh.