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South African
South African informal a tot or small drink, usually alcoholic


(organic chemistry)


(DSD Over PCM) DoP is a method for transporting DSD audio over USB ports that do not have a DSD driver. Each consecutive set of 16 DSD bits is stored as PCM bits in the lower 16 bits of a 24/176.4 sampling rate. An 8-bit DoP header is added to each sample. At the playback end; however, the DAC must be DoP compliant in order to reassemble the PCM bits into a continuous DSD stream. See DSD.
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Speaking at the vessel handover at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld, chairman of Murjan Al-Sharq Marine Services, Abdullah Natheer said, "By adding a DOP pump to a Multi Cat, we instantly have a dredger - but a dredger which can also undertake the full range of tasks the Multi Cat can do as well.
DOP induced testicular toxicity in animals is characterized by the marked degeneration of seminife-rous tubules resulting in testicular atrophy.
8226; Pecorino Borgo Antico DOP - a typical and very famous cheese from the Rome region (Lazio) made from 100% unpasteurised sheep's milk and matured in ancient cellars.
DOP Solutions is a UK-based manufacturer of aerosol photometers and generators, while the Academy for Cleanroom Testing is a UK based provider of training and education services.
1151/2012 (3) (Union Europea, 2012), sobre proteccion de las indicaciones geograficas y de las denominaciones de origen de los productos agricolas y alimenticios, establece las definiciones de DOP e IGP.
The report also presents a competitive landscape covering different strategies and developments, such as mergers & acquisitions, expansions, and agreements undertaken by the leading DOP plasticizer companies in the past few years.
Ducks fed diets supplemented with DOP for 42 days showed no significant difference in weight gain, feed intake, and feed conversion compared with the control groups (Table 5).
The migration degree of DOP was higher than that of PBMS in above all mediums.
Production Capacities of PA, DOP by Nan Ya and UPC Unit: Million Metric Tons Company PA DOP Nan Ya 22.
CAE determination by the Bartos reaction: Standards of DOP (0-4000 [micro]g/ml) and QAL (0-2000 [micro]g/ml) had absorbance maxima at 505 and 520 nm respectively.
In recipe A, the polymer used was an NBR-PVC grade with 30% PVC with a hardness range of 50-55[degrees]durometer including 32 phr plasticizer and 50% and 100% substitution of DOP by CNSL.
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