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South African
South African informal a tot or small drink, usually alcoholic
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(organic chemistry)
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(DSD Over PCM) DoP is a method for transporting DSD audio over USB ports that do not have a DSD driver. Each consecutive set of 16 DSD bits is stored as PCM bits in the lower 16 bits of a 176.4/24 sampling rate. An 8-bit DoP header is added to each sample. In order to reassemble the PCM bits into a continuous DSD stream, the DAC at the playback end must be DoP compliant. See DSD, 176.4/24 and PCM.
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The government spokesperson Michael Makuei Lueth rejected the DoP saying it includes calls for punitive measures against the parties to the process and ignore what had been discussed and agreed in the forum.
The melt viscosity of PVC/MFA/CB composites with ESBO/ DOP ratios of 0/100, 10/100, 20/100, 30/100, 40/100, and 50/100 expressed by the change of mixing torque according to mixing time is demonstrated in Figure 2.
Speaking at the vessel handover at Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld, chairman of Murjan Al-Sharq Marine Services, Abdullah Natheer said, "By adding a DOP pump to a Multi Cat, we instantly have a dredger - but a dredger which can also undertake the full range of tasks the Multi Cat can do as well." Indeed, Damen's Multi Cats are renowned for being able to take on an extremely broad scope of marine support duties for an equally wide range of maritime sectors."
Plastipak notes that biggest advantage is that DOP's inherent flexibility and speed to market opens up opportunity for more targeted regional and customized campaigns that can revolve around specific events or changing consumer trends.
In November 2014, the DoP had issued the first draft of UCPMP for a period of six months starting from January 1, 2015.
I hope both government and private telecom service providers make use of this tool to its fullest potential to serve the customer." Sinha added that the telecom ministry and DoP will henceforth compile a list of complaints from Twitter Sewa and categorise them into ' immediate', ' mid- term' and ' longterm '' complaints.
Conclusion: Phthalate induced testicular toxicity and effect on testosterone level were prevented by co-administration of vitamin E and DOP.
• Pecorino Borgo Antico DOP - a typical and very famous cheese from the Rome region (Lazio) made from 100% unpasteurised sheep's milk and matured in ancient cellars.
DOP Solutions is a UK-based manufacturer of aerosol photometers and generators, while the Academy for Cleanroom Testing is a UK based provider of training and education services.
Implementation of Core Banking Solution (CBS) is part of the IT Modernization Project of the Department of Posts (DoP) that aims to bring in various IT solutions with the required IT infrastructure to the post offices.
The Indian Department of Posts (DoP) is planning to open 1,000 ATMs and bring all 25,000 departmental post offices under core banking system by March this year, The Economic Times has reported.
Asi, se reconocen como sellos que garantizan la calidad asociada al territorio y a la identidad territorial, los sellos de indicaciones geograficas protegidas (IGP) y los sellos de denominaciones de origen protegida (DOP) (Allaire et al., 2011).