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South African
South African informal a tot or small drink, usually alcoholic


(organic chemistry)


(DSD Over PCM) DoP is a method for transporting DSD audio over USB ports that do not have a DSD driver. Each consecutive set of 16 DSD bits is stored as PCM bits in the lower 16 bits of a 24/176.4 sampling rate. An 8-bit DoP header is added to each sample. At the playback end; however, the DAC must be DoP compliant in order to reassemble the PCM bits into a continuous DSD stream. See DSD.
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Its first phase is the use of the third personal in the other persons: Mon arvidin, olbmot nie dajuhe min, manaid, amas (Sg3) mii (Pl1) doppe ald dalus fitnat 'Ymmarsin, ihmiset taajottivat meita, lapsia, ettemme kay siella hanen talossaan.
"They ran a good business," Doppe says, "but it had grown to a point where, if they were going to take it to the next step, they would need more capital."
This cooperation now exclusively binds this excellent supplier of vision control camera systems to us," said Christoph Doppes, project director, new production concept vials, global operations at SCHOTT.
Automotive air freshener company HandStands, Draper, UT, has acquired California Scents from its co-founder and owner Linda Doppes. California Scents is a leading manufacturer and distributor of home and automotive air fresheners, and is known for its auto air freshener products that are sold in small cans.
3 September 2015 - US-based private equity firm Trivest Partners' HandStands affiliate has acquired US-based air freshener company California Scents from its co-founder and owner Linda Doppes, the firm said.
colorful graphics and eye-catching display vehicles," says president Linda Doppes. "We have the ability to customize our product programs for key customers, which allows maximization of sales and space."
spelaeus se fechan precisamente a partir de 200 ka (Doppes et al., 2008), con la excepcion de los osos de Bisnik Jaskinia (Polonia) que se situan cronologicamente entre 200 y 270 ka (Hercman, 2000).