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There is a belief that everyone has an exact double somewhere in the world and that, if ever one should come face to face with that double, it is a sign that he or she will die. John Aubrey (1626-1697), the antiquary, in his Miscellanies (1696), tells of Lady Diana Rich meeting her double while walking in the grounds of Holland House, London. A month later she was dead. Eric Maple, in Man, Myth and Magic, says that when the Empress Catherine the Great saw her double advancing upon her, she ordered her guards to open fire on it.

Such a duplicate of oneself is known as a doppelgänger, or "walking double." The English painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882) depicted a meeting between a man and a woman and their doppelgängers, showing one of the women fainting, in his painting How They Met Themselves.

In the Salem witch trials, one of the major debating points was the admission of "spectral evidence." This was a belief that a witch could be observed by witnesses as being innocently occupied in one location, but a duplicate of the witch could be in another place, working mischief. Spectral evidence was, after some small debate, admitted, and a number of people were put to death on that basis. Such evidence was not restricted to New England. Kitteridge says, "Spectral evidence was admitted, for example, in England, either in examinations or in actual trials, in 1593, 1612, 1616, 1621, 1633, 1645, 1650, 1653, 1654, 1658, 1660, 1661, 1663, 1664, 1665, 1667, 1670, 1672, 1673, 1680, 1682, 1683. Even Justice Holt, whose honorable record in procuring the acquittal of every witch he tried is well known, did not exclude spectral evidence."

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Out of the 30 doppelganger domains they set up, Wired said only one organization noticed when the researchers registered the fake domain name, and only two senders out of the entire 120,000 e-mails said they had noticed the mistake.
Here the doppelgangers within the single man do not coexist simultaneously, but emerge over time; nevertheless a family tree of doppelgangers is constructed, for not only is Ettlinger presented in doubled form, but Kreisler, the hero of Kater Murr and Hoffman's own doppelganger, addresses Ettlinger's imagined image as "my dear doppelganger." Kreisler "had always been obsessed with the idea that madness lay in wait for him," and when the Princess mistakes his expression for that of Leonhard, he believes fleetingly that he has indeed become the other man.
(4) Thus, not only is the Doppelganger, in the sense described above, operative in Benjamin; its operative presence counters the utopian project of giving content to the future.
Or you could e-mail the snap and details to but please don't forget to tell us who your famous doppelganger is.
Of this year's pictures, Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Doppelganger was a standout.
Only trouble was he brought his doppelganger Lee Carsley with him just to confuse us.
The biggest rot was Dale's own doppelganger. He might have passed for Heaven during apower cut.
The much belabored term "double," implying symmetry if not complete identity, is misleading for the current analysis, and I shall adopt the German "Doppelganger" in its lieu, hoping thus to estrange the familiar connotations of duplicity in "double" from the English language reader.
Under the law, the WTO can't do much about its leftist doppelganger. A year ago, it wrote to the World Intellectual Property Organization, suggesting it formulate "a recommendation concerning the bad faith and abusive use of names of intergovernmental organizations." More recently, it contacted the Yes Men's upstream provider, Verio, in November, requesting that it ask the Yes Men to eliminate the trade group's logo from their site.
The boys then decide to sacrifice Dagger inside of a "hellmouth," built by a local artist in memory of his boyfriend George, another Nate doppelganger. Later, Nate is picked up by a Goth band driving around the country, picking up look-alike boys and killing them in an attempt to revisit their first kill.
In the Dance section, both dancers cavort with foam-stuffed doppelganger dummies that allow them to dance with themselves or drag and pitch their partners into the wings with no regrets, providing plenty of laughs for the audience.