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a construction with a gable roof and a window at its outer end that projects from a sloping roof
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A structure projecting from a sloping roof, usually housing a vertical window that is placed in a small gable, or containing a ventilating louver.

arched dormer

A dormer that has a semi-cylindrical-shaped roof; the head of the window in the dormer may be either rounded or flat.

eyebrow dormer

A low dormer on the slope of a roof. It has no sides; the roof is carried over it in a continuous wavy line.

hipped dormer

A dormer whose roof has a miniature hipped appearance in front, dying into the main roof surface at the back.

inset dormer

A dormer that is partially set below a sloping roof, unlike the usual dormer that projects entirely above the sloping roof. Same as recessed dormer.

recessed dormer

A dormer with all or part of the window set back into the roof surface, resulting in the sill being lower than the roof.

shed dormer

A dormer whose eave line is parallel to the main eave line of the roof, and whose flat roof plane slopes downward in a direction away from the ridge line of the main roof.

wall dormer

A dormer whose face is integral with the face of the wall below.
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dormer, dormer window

A structure projecting above a sloping roof, usually housing a vertical window. It is not part of the roof structure but is framed separately, and often provides daylight and ventilation for a room located in a garret or loft space. For definitions and illustrations of specific types, see arched dormer, deck dormer, eyebrow dormer, flat-head dormer, gable dormer, hipped dormer, inset dormer, mission dormer, oval dormer, Palladian dormer, pedimented dormer, pitched-roof dormer, pointed dormer, polygonal dormer, recessed dormer, ridge dormer, round dormer, segmental dormer, shed dormer, through-the-cornice dormer, triangular dormer, wall dormer, watershed dormer.

dormer window, dormer

dormer window
A vertical window which projects from a sloping roof, placed in a small gable.
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