dormitory suburb

satellite community

A relatively small town, primarily residential, established in the vicinity of a city of much greater size; sometimes called a bedroom community.
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Although having the status of a dormitory suburb, the village to the north of Cardiff still retains the feel of a rural village and is largely surrounded by countryside.
Sim is embarking on the research phase of a five-year plan to start a new church in Ajax, a dormitory suburb of Toronto and home to many young commuting families.
Glendale is known as a dormitory suburb, but Bruder's recasting of it involves a hotel, offices, 850 residential units and parking.
Touted as "the moving without the shaking" the new service is drawing in many of South Africa's rapidly growing black middle class who are opting for travel in style in the Soweto Business Express, a new premier-priced service from the dormitory suburb of Soweto to Johannesburg.
"Moseley is turning into a dormitory suburb. We want to keep employment opportunities here."
By the 1880s, Harborne had become a prime dormitory suburb for the middling businessmen of Birmingham, connecting with the city by bus and the hopelessly unreliable Harborne railway.
Thirdly, although a new settlement may now be inevitable, there are lingering doubts about whether it would ever be more than yet another detached dormitory suburb. A particular sort of `Catch 22' applies: if it is too close to Cambridge, it will almost inevitably perform a dormitory role, yet if it is too far it may not serve its purpose of accommodating Cambridge's growth.
Intended as much more than a dormitory suburb, Don Mills is presented as the integrated and self-contained corporate suburb that set the model of planning and suburbanization for decades to come.
Know where people work - the pace of life in a dormitory suburb is very different from that in a market town or industrial area and, in some areas, the retired can make up a significant part of the population.
I don't want Rossett to become an even bigger dormitory suburb than it has become already.
Large Victorian houses and new builds have made it a favourite dormitory suburb of Edinburgh.
We have lost jobs to Birmingham, we must not allow our city to become a dormitory suburb of Birminghamshire.