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The purpose of this study was to determine the contribution of an active dorsiflexing prosthesis, the ProprioFoot, to MTC and the likelihood of tripping by people with TTAs.
Weber and Kelly (2010) and Jarvis (2012) also recommended squeezing the calf muscle but alternatively suggested sharply dorsiflexing the foot.
The transfer was contracting well and the foot was dorsiflexing. While walking it was noticed that when he turned around he put his full weight on the heel, at times on the operated site.
Therefore maintenance of strength of the dorsiflexing and plantar flexing muscles as well as adequate ankle range of movement is necessary to allow efficient force generation and balance strategy execution to prevent a fall (Studenski, Duncan & Chandler, 1991).
Berndt and Harty proved this in a report in which anteromedial and posterolateral lesions were created using cadavers.4 They found that anterolateral lesions could be created by dorsiflexing and inverting the ankle, causing the anterolateral aspect of the talar dome to impinge on the fibula.
* Before standing, perform a firm isometric exercise, such as squeezing a tennis ball five times or dorsiflexing the feet.