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dorter, dortour

A dormitory, esp. in a monastery.
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(d) The final objection is raised by Dorter. It seems absurd to distinguish the sophist from the philosopher in terms of false or deceptive and true statements.
Dorter 1973, 66, claims that the rhapsode provides the 'double perspective' of poet and audience.
(210) John B Dorter and John J A Sharkey, LBC Information Services, Building and Construction Contracts in Australia: Law and Practice, vol 1 (at Update 72) [14.416].
Dorter's study aims to show how what appear to be discontinuities are actually intrinsic parts of an overall design.
They will leave the city on today but the Coventry team can carry on for another few weeks working in the undercroft of the "dorter" or monks' dormitory - in the grounds of the John F Kennedy House.
Dorter, `The reciprocity argument and the structure of the Phaedo', Journal of the History of Philosophy 15 (1977), 1-11.
170; and Kenneth Dorter, "The Ion: Plato's Characterization of Art," Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 32 (1973-74):65-78, 66.
The connection between misology and the so-called method of hypothesis is also emphasized by Kenneth Dorter, Plato's Phaedo: An Interpretation (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1982), 89, whose general interpretation of Socrates' response to misology is nevertheless different from mine.
Or, as Old Mother Riley berated "dorter, dorter," Kitty, someone behind them would be disappearing down a manhole.