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(organic chemistry)


A notch in a timber for receiving another timber or into which the head of a pile is fitted.


(1) (Distributed APp) See DApp.

(2) (Directory Access Protocol) A protocol used to gain access to an X.500 directory listing. See LDAP. See also DAAP.

(3) (Digital Audio Player) See digital music player.

(4) See digital audio processor.
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Fluoroscopy times, dose area products and skin doses for transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts procedures in our cohort compared with reference levels from (22) Range Mean[+ or -]SD Fluoroscopy time (min:s) Data set 04:48-112:40 12:09[+ or -]14:38 RAD-IR DRL 60:00 DAP (Gy-[cm.sup.2]) Data set 5.1-479.6 40.3[+ or -]73.1 RAD-IR DRL 525 Skin dose (mGy) Data set 37-3257 404[+ or -]465 RAD-IR DRL 3000 75th percentile Median Fluoroscopy time (min:s) 26:08 16:17 31:00 DAP (Gy-[cm.sup.2]) 75.2 38 252 Skin dose (mGy) 488.4 257 1489 SD, standard deviation; RAD-IR, Radiation Doses in Interventional Radiology Procedures study; DRL, dose reference level; DAP, dose area product.
Dose area products (DAPs) were converted to effective doses using a conversion factor of 0.30 mSv*[Gy.sup.-1]*[cm.sup.-2], which was previously determined by Suzuki et al.