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(1) (.NET) A software platform for developing applications from Microsoft. See .NET Framework.

(2) (.NETwork) A top-level Internet domain used by carriers, ISPs and other communications-oriented organizations. Both .net and .com domains are sometimes used by the same company. For example, Comcast uses www.comcast.net as a general-purpose news and entertainment portal, while www.comcast.com is used for its products and services. However, the domain is not restricted, and anyone can register a .net domain, even if they have nothing to do with communications. See Internet domain name.
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Integration of hornplayer.net content into the IHS website is almost complete, and as of October 18, 2011 all traffic for hornplayer.net is now redirected to the IHS website at Networking -> Hornplayer Dot Net.
Developed in Oracle 11g, ASP dot net and C#, the process can be customized based on a client's requirement.
In fact, it was at TechED in 2000 that I first heard about NGWS, later re-christened .NET (pronounced "dot net").
The new centre will offer a full range of technologies such as Java, Oracle application and data warehousing, Dot Net, ERP and other specialized niche technologies.
Easibet Dot Net (3.25) and Kames Park (5.05) make the 273-mile trip to Wolverhampton for the south Lanarkshire handler.
Tartatartufata looks the best bet on Wolverhampton's card, and can take the Pontin's Great Family Holidays Handicap (7.55), while Easibet Dot Net must play a leading role in the concluding Pontins.com Handicap (9.20).
The new software reportedly offers more than 130 new features, including a new data engine powered by Microsoft Dot Net 2.0.
The Dot Net Factories approach to The EmpowerID 4.0 Suite's modular architecture represents a new paradigm in Identity Management products by permitting organizations to modify its defined processes and visually map and build their own Identity Management tasks.
GREYT STUFF: Ian Semple's handsome grey Easibet Dot Net can run a big race at Musselburgh
2.30 Badr 3.00 Celtic Heroine 3.30 Sea Storm 4.00 Fiefdom 4.30 BRIGADORE (NAP) 5.00 Easibet Dot Net
"Dot Net is the framework of technology that will allow you to take advantage of things that the client server does not provide," Fleming Jr.