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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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After forcibly taking off the victim's shorts, Dote rejoined Willy in the cab.
Dote is a safety instructor at HMC and former president of the Philippine Association of Safety Engineers (PHASE-Qatar).
El dinero nunca llegaba a manos de las muchachas, pues el dia de la boda era entregado a los maridos --si alguna de las premiadas no encontraba esposo, la dote no se entregaba--, quienes tenian la obligacion de acrecentar el capital en beneficio de sus futuros descendientes.
A la Polyclinique est adosse le Centre Medical Les Jasmins qui est dote de 50 cabinets de consultations externes de medecins de differentes specialites.
The proud grandmother said it's amazing to watch Kim, 33, dote on North, her seven-month-old daughter with fiance Kanye West.
Summary: L'ambassadeur Antonio Badini, vice-president executif de l'Association d'affaires egypto-italiennes a affirme que l'Egypte se dote d'un bon climat economique apte a attirer davantage les investisseurs italiens dans la prochaine periode, precisant qu'il est temps de reformer l'image actuelle sur la situation en Egypte.
THEREare few more consistent greyhounds than Inkys Dote and the Kevin McCreesh-trained bitch can collect a nice prize on Sunday when she contests the final of the Mineola Farloe Bitch 525 at Lifford.
Massie Block has the perfect life: she has three best friends, dubbed "The Clique," who worship her; the latest fall fashions; and a gorgeous dog named Bean to dote upon.