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dote, doat, doze

A form of decay in which wood becomes soft and weak and has a dull lifeless appearance.
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After the assault on the Bishop of Coventry, Gaveston wrestled a smiling Edward to the ground and knelt over him: a lovers' rough-and-tumble dotingly endorsed Gaveston's violence.
This is made particularly clear in the extent to which the heroines are the sums of their parents, one of whom is usually dotingly, neglectfully benevolent, while the other is equally dangerously coercive and strong-willed.
Kate plays Sarah, a resentful and bored mother who holds herself above the rest of the wives and partners caring dotingly for their offspring in the playground.
I can smell a combustible cutie from miles away and this firecracker is especially pungent, so beware, Dotingly Dumbfounded, because Alice is gonna blow!
Rice: "Thank her very much and I look forward to seeing her sometime." Now, considering how dotingly Fox News has looked after the Bush administration over the past five years, we have to assume this reporter had Dr.
At first glance, the house--set just off the main road through town-is modest, though dotingly landscaped.
The bull in Boucher's preliminary grisaille sketch is more pleasing as he turns his trim head to gaze dotingly at Europa (Amiens Musee de Picardie, 1733).