double back

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double up, double back

A method of applying plaster; first the plaster base coat is applied; then this is covered with plaster from the same mix before the base coat has set. A form of two-coat work.
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But throw the same rock forward a bit harder, and it would actually double back over your head and strike the surface behind you.
Then, just as he tentatively creeps off to Cornwall, the Libyan rebels seize Tripoli and he must double back to London.
Carrick's opponents this Saturday share only the Rangers name for similarity with the Banbridge visitors only in their sixth season in existence compared to the East Antrim side who were formed in the 1930's and have an illustrious cup history with an Irish Cup and Intermediate Cup double back in their glory days in 1976.
Stephen, who grew up in North Shields, suffered serious spinal injuries while attempting a double back flip on his bike during a competition in America last year.
Could whoever is responsible please either set about having the regulation enforced or take the sign down so that when I am driving I don't have to go down Coleshill Road to the traffic island at the Clock and then double back, instead of making the now illegal right turn?
SolveTech is developing the Double Back Scanner, reportedly the first noncontact capacitance gauge that can scan back and forth across the web.
Double back of translucent polypropylene in different colours, and seat of moulded polyurethane and upholstered.