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hand covering with a separate sheath for each finger. The earliest gloves, relics of the cave dwellers, closely resembled bags. Reaching to the elbow, they were most probably worn solely for protection and warmth. Although there is some indication of the use of separate fingers in an Egyptian relic, most early gloves were much like mittens, usually of skin with the fur inside. The glove as we know it today dates from the 11th cent. In England after the Norman conquest, gloves, richly jeweled and ornamented, were worn as a badge of distinction by royalty and by church dignitaries. The glove became meaningful as a token; it became custom to fling a gauntlet, the symbol of honor, at the feet of an adversary, thereby challenging his integrity and inviting satisfaction by duel. In the 12th cent. gloves became a definite part of fashionable dress, and ladies began to wear them; the sport of falconry also increased their use. In the 13th cent. the metal gauntlet appeared as a part of armor. Gloves became accessible to the common people, and their popularity grew. Scented gloves, an innovation that was to last until the 18th cent., came into vogue. The 16th and 17th cent. saw extravagantly ornamented gloves; they were of leather, linen, silk, or lace and were jeweled, embroidered, or fringed. After the 17th cent. the emphasis was on proper fit, and gloves were less ornamental. The first known glove maker was in Perth, Scotland, after 1165; a guild of glove makers was incorporated in France in 1190, and one in London c.1600. In the United States, glove making began in 1760 when a settlement of Scottish glovers was established at Gloversville, N.Y.; New York state has since been the center of the glove industry in the United States. Modern gloves are made of fabric, plain or knitted; of leather from almost every variety of animal hide; and of rubber and plastic used in surgical, laboratory, and household work.


See C. C. Collins, Love of a Glove (1945).


i. The fixed leading portion of a wing root of a variable swept wing. If there is a provision for carrying external stores at this location, it is known as a glove station.
ii. A covering for the hand made of leather or fire-resistant material.


Sport any of various large protective hand covers worn in sports, such as a boxing glove
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There is also a bundle of on-board stowage space with bottle holders for every passenger as well as door pockets all round and a double glove box.
There's also a ventilated cool box beneath the armrest, a drawer beneath the passenger seat and a double glove box - the upper part containing aux-in and USB connections for the ubiquitous iPod.
There is a double glove box with air conditioning and a generous storage cubby under the centre armrest, as well as open trays beneath the dash.
Interior space is good while on the passenger side there is a double glove box with the top one fitted out with connections and holders for music players, a neat touch.
It can be worn as a stand-alone, when a single layer of protection is preferred, on top of Esteem Blue surgical gloves with Neu-Thera[R] emollient coating for double gloving, or as the base layer of double glove protection with Esteem Micro or Esteem SMT powder-free synthetic polyisoprene surgical gloves as the top layer.
Other surgical specialities in the USA do not routinely double glove (St Germaine 2003).
The boot is a good size for a small car and has an additional under-floor hidey hole with extra storage in the cabin provided by an under-seat drawer and a double glove box - the top one housing USB and aux-in sockets to connect your MP3 player or mobile phone, and even a convenient little shelf to put it on when plugged in.
There are up to 30 storage areas, including a double glove box and a tray under the passenger seat.
Perhaps one of the most innovative developments in surgical gloves in the past few years is a unique, highly sensitive, double glove designed by BioBarrier, Inc.