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The sensor's global shutter with true correlated double sampling produces high-quality images of fast-moving objects free of motion artefacts.
[3] suggested synthetic double sampling (SDS) chart, which combines double sampling (DS) subchart and conforming run length (CRL) subchart.
Bouvier et al., "A low power and low signal 4 bit 50MS/s double sampling pipelined ADC for Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors," Journal of Instrumentation, vol.
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In double sampling, a large sample of size say n' is selected by simple random sample without replacement (SRSWOR) sampling scheme, at first phase from a population U = ([U.sub.1], [U.sub.2], ..., [U.sub.N]), and then a smaller sample of size say n (that is n < n') is also selected by SRSWOR at the second phase or directly from U = ([U.sub.1], [U.sub.2], ..., [U.sub.N]).
Part I of the book contains two chapters: one on the goals and objectives of the Arctic PRISM and a second that lays out the double sampling survey methods used to achieve one of the major goals of Arctic PRISM, "...
The endometrial sample was obtained with Pipelle sampler in Outdoor Patient Department, while in case of inadequate tissue, double sampling technique with the same device was used to get appropriate sample.
Other methods have been used: double sampling, ratio, and regression estimator approaches to improve precision (Eberhardt and Simmons, 1987; Hanselman and Quinn, 2004; Fujioka et al., 2007).