double spaced

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double spaced

One blank line between lines of text.

This is an example of double-spaced text,

which is commonly used in documents that

need to be proofread or edited.

Contrast with single spaced.
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Submit five copies of full paper (20 double spaced pages max.) to Stan C.
Submit six copies of full paper (20 double spaced pages max.) to (North America) S.S.
Submit six copies of full paper (5000 max., 20 double spaced pages) to Alberto Mendelzon, Dept.
Submit four copies of an extended abstract (five double spaced pages maximum) to C.M.
Submit seven copies of paper (maximum 20 double spaced pages or 5,000 words) to Document Analysis, William L.
Submit five copies (maximum 5,000 word, 20 double spaced pages) to Keith Marzullo, CCW '91, Dept.
Submit 5 double spaced pages to Paul McKevitt, Computer Research Laboratory, Dept.
of extended abstract (No more than 10 pages, double spaced) to: Bernard Lang, INRIA, B.P.
of complete paper (20 pages maximum, double spaced), including abstract, to Program Committee Chair, David A.
of completed papers (maximum 12 pages, double spaced) to Gayle Yaverbaum, c/o Felty and Company, 4211 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17109; (215) 787-8810, yaverbaum@tmplcis (Bitnet), (CSnet).
of proposal (500-1,000 words) and paper (2,000-3,000 words, double spaced) to FedCASE'89, Program Co-Chair, Dr.
Submit maximum 2-page summary (double spaced) to Palisades Institute for Research Services, Attn: Jay Morreale (G-89), 201 Varick Street, Room 1140, New York, NY 10014.