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r(w, [c.sub.i]) is the relationship between the single word(or a constituted double word) W and the categories.
Corrections were made on the galley proofs and readers have been spared the pain of a split infinitive, a double word and a few other errors which were discovered in the manuscript.
On the surface it is an ordinary double word square, with a different word in each row and column.
SWIMMING: Teenager Hannah Miley, a double word championship medallist and Olympic 400m medley finalist, is set to star at this weekend's Scottish short-course Championships at Tollcross Leisure Centre in Glasgow.
And if the mood takes you this game doesn't mind going for a dip while you try for a double word score.
Addition of two integer words works in a similar way --a double word is formed with the rightmost word taken as the "answer." Thus adding 1100 to 1101 produces 0001 1001 with the right-most word 1001 taken as the answer.