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furring strip

A wood strip used as furring, 1; also see batten, 3.
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While historically such systems have always used mineral oil (with its associated marine life incompatibility), DOUK are now using biodegradable oils which if they do become inadvertently released form no hazard to the ecosystem.
But it was Perrins acrobatics in the dying minutes, Parrying successive bullets from Marsh, Lee Furlong, and Douk to secure another valuable point in Rover's survival bid.
The government agreed to renew its contract with Controle Technique Automobile Hallinvest Companies for an additional six months to carry out vehicle inspection in Lebanon," Douk said.
Premier Najib Mikati, Ministers of Defense Fayez Ghosn, Finance Mohammad Safadi, Foreign Affairs Adnan Mansour, Economy Nicolas Nahhas, Interior Marwan Charbel, Justice Shakib Qortbawi and Information Walid Douk attended the meeting.
Music lovers can expect Maya to unleash a celebration of sounds, from the accordion, piano, bassoon, flute to even traditional instruments such as the Arabic douk.