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ancient city, Syria: see DuraDura
or Europus
, ancient city of Syria, E of Palmyra on a plateau above the Euphrates River. It is also called Dura-Europos or Dura-Europus. Founded (c.300 B.C.) by a general of Seleucus I, it prospered. In the 2d cent. A.D. the Parthians took Dura, and in A.D.
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The day's deadliest incident occurred in the Doura district of southern Baghdad when the car bomb went off as Christians were emerging from a Christmas mass, killing at least 24 people.
The car bomb killed at least 24 people, most of them Christian, when worshippers were leaving the church in the Doura district of southern Baghdad, police sources said.
The bomb hit a church in the Doura district, and seemed to target Christian worshippers while they were leaving the church on Christmas, police sources told Reuters.
Brown and Doura caught the judges' attention with the “Fully Loaded” sensational sausage topped with a selection of breakfast items, an idea that intrigued Firewurst's owners.
Baghdad, July 24 (BNA) - Nine people were killed and 43 others were injured in two separate incidents in Doura area, southern Baghdad, last night.
Une porte-parole de l'armee israelienne a confirme a l'AFP que "des affrontements ont eu lieu pendant la nuit a Doura et un groupe de Palestiniens s'est mis a lancer des pierres sur les soldats", precisant que plusieurs Palestiniens avaient commence a grimper sur les vehicules militaires.
En el Valle del Eufrates se han identificado excavaciones ilicitas, especificamente en Mari, Doura Europos, en Deir ez-Zor y Zenobia; franco vandalismo en la zona de Mari y el Museo, y ocupaciones ilegales en Doura Europos.
In a separate incident, a car bomb and a roadside bomb ripped through a marketplace in Baghdad's southern district of Doura, killing nine people and wounding 34.
A sounds grenade which landed inside a Christian house in Doura district in southern Baghdad injured three others.
In a separate incident,a government-backed Sahwa (Awakening movement) leader escaped unharmed when a bomb attached to his car exploded in Baghdad's southern Doura district on Tuesday,aninterior ministry source said.
Mortars landed in the southern Doura district while bombs were planted near Christian homes in Doura, Camp Sara in the east, Adhamiya in the north, Mansour in the west, Karrada in the centre and other areas.
In Baghdad on Friday, a roadside bomb killed two civilians and wounded nine others in the southern district of Doura, police said.