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see snipesnipe,
common name for a shore bird of the family Scolopacidae (sandpiper family), native to the Old and New Worlds. The common, or Wilson's snipe (Capella gallinago), also called jacksnipe, is a game bird of marshes and meadows.
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Species could be categorized into one of four groups on the basis of similar patterns of density (Table 4): 1) a coastal group that had higher densities on the OCP and included the ruddy turnstone, dunlin, pectoral sandpiper, and red phalarope; 2) a widespread group that had approximately equal densities on the OCP and ICP and included the black-bellied plover, semipalmated sandpiper, longbilled dowitcher, and red-necked phalarope; 3) an inland group that had higher densities on the ICP and included the American golden-plover and stilt sandpiper; and 4) a group of species encountered in low numbers that could not be compared between regions, and which have high uncertainty associated with their estimates (bar-tailed godwit, Baird's sandpiper, and buff-breasted sandpiper).
Reports of vagrancy by Asian Dowitcher to the UAE in Hollom et al.
Hundreds of cars lined the shore at Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire, yesterday as twitchers flocked to see the rare North American shortbilled dowitcher.
Nonbreeding Breeding Species 2007 2008 2007 2008 American 0 < 1 0 0 golden-plover Long-billed 0 0 2 1 dowitcher Dunlin 1 0 4 < 1 Pectoral 0 0 2 1 sandpiper Semipalmated 0 0 0 < 1 sandpiper Red phalarope 1 < 1 17 11 Red-necked 0 < 1 0 < 1 phalarope Total 2 1 26 13 identified shorebirds Unidentified 3 1 13 8 shorebird Other bird 23 15 11 9 Unidentified 6 10 9 19 bird For nonbreeding guils, we lound a significant relationship between distance to active landfill and percent occurrence of garbage in diet samples for loafing sites with at least five diet samples (seven sites in each year; Fig.
A LONG-BILLED dowitcher, from America, was found at Burton Marsh, Wirral last weekend and was next seen at Inner Marsh Farm RSPB, Wirral.
Also, two hours after lowest tide, marbled godwits, semipalmated sandpipers, curlews, and whimbrels rested on the shore, whereas the smaller peeps and dowitcher continued to feed.
pusillo (Linnaeus), I O semipalmated sandpiper Catoptrophorus semipalmatus I R (Gmelin), willet Gallinago delicata (Ord), I O Wilson's snipe Limnodromus griseus (Gmelin), I O short-billed dowitcher L.
-A ROSE-coloured starling from Russia is enjoying winter in Bristol and a long-billed dowitcher from America appears to be settling down very nicely in Merseyside.
7 A rare North American shortbilled dowitcher had bird-watchers flocking to an Scots village.
And they turned out in huge numbers to catch a glimpse of a rare North American short-billed dowitcher blown across the Atlantic to take up a temporary home .
330.0 (2000) *1156.5 (7700) (Calidris spp.) Dunlin *367.3 (1960) 85.9 (640) (Calidris alpina) Stilt Sandpiper *126.0 (480) 0.0 (1) (Calidris himantopus) Dowitcher spp.
Our finding of higher long-billed dowitcher densities at Teshekpuk than at Prudhoe Bay is consistent with other studies, which found that dowitchers are not a common breeder at Prudhoe Bay (Hohenberger et al., 1994) but were more common in the western strata of the coastal plain (Johnson et al., 2007).