down lead

down conductor

The vertical portion of an electric conductor used in a lightning protection system to provide a lightning current path from the air terminals to ground.
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MEATH top of Division 2A while Down lead Division 2B after the weekend's action.
3~ ft coiled down lead alpha eagle with volume control tp120 plug.
Amid the controversy that rocked the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), Up Dharma Down lead vocalist Armi Millare on Monday shared her cover of the song Tao with Honor Thy Father lead actor John Lloyd Cruz.
Wily's attempts to track it down lead him into a chase up the Eiffel Tower and scary adventures in Moscow.
Yet rogue builders are using stolen material, scrap metal dealers are melting down lead flashing, copper wire and stolen garden and public sculptures.
Other topics include factors influencing knowledge transfer and managerial mechanisms, the voltage stability of distribution networks, corrosion diagnosis of conductors and down lead lines, and multi-view video coding using color correction.
The Midlands Productivity Alliance aims to drive down lead times, reduce waste and stock and promote best practice techniques.
So jailhouse artists shave down lead pencils or burn checkers and use the ash.
Steps down lead to an intimate outdoor eating area cradled in a circular deck.
Patterson notes that lead pollution started to appear in Swedish lakes at roughly the time when Greece began coining silver, which was obtained by melting down lead ores.
The body does, however, break down lead so that it can be removed.