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downdraft, Brit. downdraught

1. A downward current of air in a chimney or flue, often carrying smoke with it.
2. A downward current of air resulting from the passage of air across a window surface, which cools it and increases its density so that it moves downward.
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During the winter, window interior temperatures usually fall below indoor air temperature, causing thermal discomfort due to radiant temperature asymmetry, low operative temperature, and downdraughts.
Table 1 Technology, Energy Sources and Major Products Cluster Technology Raw Materials Energy Sources Rice mills Rubber roller Paddy Electricity sheller Oil mills Oil extractor Groundnut seeds Electricity and sunflower seeds Brick units Intermittent Clay and water Firewood and Downdraught eucalyptus leaves Kiln (IDK) Foundries Cupola Iron pellets and Coke and coal scrap iron Cluster Major Products Rice mills Raw rice/ Boiled rice Oil mills Groundnut oil and Sunflower oil Brick units Bricks Foundries Engine casings, pump body, automobile parts, etc.
AirBench downdraught benches can be configured for virtually any dust or fume problem and are fully self-contained, requiring no installation and running from a standard 13a socket - allowing PRG to reconfigure their workshops freely depending on the current project.
The downdraught nailed me flat on to the grass, and a couple of times I bit the dust.
The spectator, in his 60s, was on the pavement when the downdraught from the chopper's blades hurled him into the road.
Passive downdraught evaporative cooling (PDEC) is a traditional means of environmental control that has been used for centuries in parts of the Middle East, notably Iran and Turkey.
He got them going again just in time but we still had to use the downdraught from our helicopter rotors to blow him away from the cliffs.
Process Manufacturing will show the latest development of its successful 'Autoline-S' fully automatic equipment with environmental downdraught canopy enclosures--demonstrating the company's high level of expertise in the design and production of a variety of process lines and chemical engineering fabrications for the metal finishing, aerospace and related industries.
A HELICOPTER'S downdraught was used to save a drifting fishing boat from running aground yesterday.