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The portal has also been successfully used during a real-world situation, searching for a downed aircraft in Lake Tahoe, CA.
The security of the downed aircraft was the top priority during the operation.
Not NI) Brothers Paxton and Billy Bob Thornton find a fortune inside a downed aircraft.
A defence official identified the downed aircraft as a Sukhoi Su-24 Russian fighter plane.
The downed aircraft was of the stealth, radar-evasive type and it intended to penetrate the off-limits nuclear area in Natanz .
But Angus Houston, former Defence chief and lead of the JACC, revealed the Australian Defence vessel Ocean Shield failed to detect again the underwater signals it first received on Saturday and Tuesday believed to be emanating from the downed aircraft.
Cal Fire crews were dispatched to the downed aircraft in a rural area about 2 miles off Eagle Peak Road shortly before 1 p.
The beacons are designed to guide rescuers to downed aircraft, although in most cases close radar tracking and eyewitness reports allow air traffic controllers to pinpoint crash sites.
Since the FAA does not require operators to upgrade to the new standard, the practical impact of this action was to obsolete older ELTs and make it more difficult to find a downed aircraft lacking the 406 MHz technology.
They were also warned to leave alone any debris they might find from the downed aircraft and call 911 to report it.
The chances of being picked up from a downed aircraft improved.
The AVIM Soldiers from B Company had the special knowledge and tools required to prepare the downed aircraft for both ground and aerial evacuation, which included certifying the sling-load configuration for air movement.