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downspout, conductor, downcomer, downpipe, leader, rain leader, rainwater pipe

A vertical pipe, often of sheet metal,
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Rowa design engineers required a long service life, since the machine must operate 24/7, as well as a low degree of abrasion, since the downpipes that transport medication are not separately packaged.
"A broken downpipe on a typical 100m by 60m shed could mean 180 cu metres of rainwater reaching your slurry pit.
Your downpipes are easy to recognise, as, if you look up at your roof, they are connected to your guttering.
2 Most gutters and downpipes are plastic, which are cheaper, lighter and easier to work with than metal but many period properties still have the original cast-iron guttering.
GET drainage ditches, gutters and downpipes cleared the winter freeze melts.
Remove potentially damaging vegetation from behind downpipes by cutting back or removing the plant altogether Use a hand mirror to look behind rainwater pipes as splits and cracks in old cast iron and aluminium often occur here and are not easily noticed, Have gutters refixed if they are sloping the wrong way or discharging water onto the wall If sections are beyond repair, make sure that replacements are made of the same material as the originals.
Gto protect your home's exterior walls from rain by channelling it from the roof to a drain in the ground via the gutter and downpipes. If they become damaged or blocked, it may put your home at risk of water penetration and damp.
Guttering and downpipes Periodic inspection of the rainwater goods can prevent water damage over time.
Minimising the number of downpipes required to handle up to 72mm per hour of rain, the Fullflow system uses 14 outlets and one single downpipe.
Heavy showers show up the weak points in the gutters and downpipes which take the rain away from your home.
Valleys are secured and tensioned at each side by chains which go inside the thin white downpipes to fixings over drainage holes in the paving.
1Make sure that downpipes and drains are not blocked by leaves.