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see divining roddivining rod
or dowser,
stick used in searching for underground water or minerals. This form of divination is still in common use in many parts of the world. The instrument is typically a forked twig.
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The main things learned were that the question must be clear at the outset and the dowser must understand what message his or her tools are giving back.
Experienced dowsers have told me that, in cases involving children with behavioral or learning disorders, their bedrooms turned out to be full of electricity.
John Moss, director of the British Association of Dowsers, said the technique is widely used by employees of large utility companies, but many organisations refuse to acknowledge it.
Fay Palmer, who is registered with the British Society of Dowsers, will guide the next walk on Thursday May 22 from 7pm to 9pm at the Warwickshire Golf Course, Leek Wootton.
Oh what fun it was to see the look of amused skepticism on Dawkins' face as he quietly debunked water dowsing with a simple experiment, then watched as the expert dowsers refused to accept the negative results.
Largely ignored by science, ley lines have enjoyed a colorful life in the hinterlands of paranormalism, championed to various ends by psychics, pagans, dowsers, UFOlogists, dime-store novelists, and a few Nazi cranks who attributed a network of heilige Linien or "holy lines" crisscrossing Europe to the ancient Teutons.
Especially water detection in arid areas by particularly skilled dowsers showed the dramatic success of the method and the insurmountable difficulty to employ conventional explanations.
Desperate engineers have hired dowsers in a bid to find new water supplies.
He was a long-standing member of the Fairy Investigation Society, the College of Psychic Science, and the British Society of Dowsers.
Houses were placed to avoid areas where dowsers felt stress, while ceremonial sites were consistently located on high energy sites, which may have produced health benefits with short-term exposure.
Two aerial appliances from Merthyr and Maindy in Newport and five water dowsers were also drafted in to help.